Water Filters

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Upflow Carbon Filter

The ATS Upflow Filter, will neutralize your water and also save you money by removing unwanted corrosion buildup from your plumbing, which over time can result in costly repairs or replacement of plumbing, fixtures and valuable appliances.

Filters and Filtered Water Solutions

Our water Filters & Filtration systems are easy to maintain.

With a high quality water filtration system from Aspen Water Solutions you can eliminate a variety of water problems. From bad smells, high iron content, acid water and small particles like sediment, manganese, iron, chlorine and gasses like hydrogen sulfide.

Aspen water solutions can provide the Water Filter & Filtration system that is right for you.

Benefits of a Water Filter and Water Filtration Systems

  • Always high quality clean drinking water at your kitchen sink
  • Removes dirt, clay, sand, silt and other stuff that shouldn’t be in your drinking water
  • Say good-bye to cloudy, murky drinking water with our drinking water systems
  • Neutralizes acidic water to prevent staining and corrosion
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors and tastes, like rotten-egg smelling water and water that tastes like chlorine

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Water Filtration Systems

The effective way of removing unwanted buildup of solids, sediment, turbidity, iron, pH neutralization and unwanted taste or odors for large valium water needs.

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Chlorine in Your Tap Water!!!

Our water Filters & Filtration systems are easy to maintain.

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July Issue of 1992

People who regularly drink tap water containing high levels of chlorine by-products have a greater risk of developing bladder and rectal cancers than people who drink non chlorinated water.

The study estimates that about 9% of all bladder cancer and 18% of all rectal cancer cases are associated with long-term consumption of these by-products. This amounts to over 20,000 new cases each year.

“…A particularly disturbing finding in reports: Chlorine, the chemical used to purify drinking water, may interact with other substances to produce cancer-causing agents…”

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July 29, 2991

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