Reverse Osmosis Water System

water filtration brita pro ro reverse osmosis system under sink high capacity

Brita Pro Reverse Osmosis System

A high-capacity under-sink reverse osmosis system to improve both the taste and quality of your water for drinking and cooking. From the name you trust: Brita PRO®.

Benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System

The benefits of a Reverse Osmosis Water System are plenty. The importance of high quality, healthy drinking water cannot be underestimated. Everyone’s health can be improved with an in home reverse osmosis water system to filter out the harmful chemicals and sediments on their drinking water.

  • Always high quality clean drinking water at your kitchen sink
  • Removes dirt, clay, sand, silt and other stuff that shouldn’t be in your drinking water
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors and tastes, like rotten-egg smelling water and water that tastes like chlorine
  • Say good-bye to cloudy, murky drinking water with our drinking water systems

Reverse Osmosis Water System

reverse osmosis tap and drinking water filtration system


• Standard Warranty
• R5 Stage R.O. filtration system
• 75 gallon per day output
• FDA compliant materials
• 3.2 gallon NSF listed storage tank
• Attractive ceramic disc faucet
• Booster pump option available for low psi
• All polytubing is color coded for easy install
• Water feed install kit, including ball valve shut-off and quick change sanitary style cartridges


Model Number Faucet Finish Dimensions H x W x D Pipe Size Max. Flow
Maven-ROW Polished Chrome 15 x 21 x 3.5 1/4" 75 gpd
Maven-ROW-P Polished Chrome 15 x 21 x 3.5 1/4" 75 gpd
Specifications PRO - Q - 75 PRO - Q - 75P
Booster Pump with Unit No Yes
Membrane Production 75 +/- 7 gpd 75 +/- 7 gpd
Membrane T.D.S. Reduction 95% Minimum 95% Minimum
Water Pressure 40 - 125 psi 40 - 125 psi
T.D.S. less than 2,000 ppm less than 2,000 ppm
Temperature 40 - 125° F 40 - 125° F
pH Levels 5 - 10 5 - 10
Hardness Levels less than 10 gpg less than 10 gpg
Manganese Levels less than .05 ppm less than .05 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide Levels None None
Chlorine / Chloramine Levels None None
Bacteria Levels Water source must be potable Water source must be potable


Order Number Description
4P - 1235 Replacement Filter Kit for PRO - Q - 75
QME - 75 - W Replacement Membrane for PRO - Q - 75
FR - 575T Capillary Flow Restricter 75 gl.

NOTES: All units come with 36″ of 1/4″ OD feed tubing attached.
Mounting hole sizes: with Air Gap 7/8″ – 1 1/8″ no Air Gap 1/2″ – 1 1/8″

Pro – Q – 75P is recommended for low pressure systems.

Designer Faucet Upgrades

Order Number Description
1019299 Polished Chrome Finish #1
1019301 Satin Nickel Finish #2
1019303 Arctic White Finish #3
Non-Stock Light Biscuit Finish #4
Non-Stock Polished Brass Finish #5
1019311 Antique Bronze Finish #6
Non-Stock Black Finish #7
1020518 Brushed Stainless Finish #8
designer water faucets

If you are looking to improve the health for you and your family, cleaning up contaminated drinking water is an important step. Considering the recommendation of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day just think about the contaminates that can exist in your drinking water.

Don’t be fooled by bottled water as many of these are simply not purified regardless of what the bottle states.  Many bottled waters on the market have recently been under fire after the tests on these water bottles concluded that the water had not been purified and harmful chlorine and contaminates were still present.

Aspen Water Solutions, serving Northern New Jersey is committed to high quality water systems and improving health of families all across northern New Jersey. We offer free water testing / consultations as well as financing to make your water system more affordable on a monthly basis.

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