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Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

While city water suppliers follow the necessary operations to meet water quality standards, UV Purification / Disinfection systems take the water quality to a whole new level. Chlorine resistant microorganisms such as Giarda and Cryptosporidium are two that causes thousands of documented health cases each year. Our UV Water Purification Systems kill and remove these microorganisms that chlorine simply cannot.

Understanding Ultraviolet Water Purification

Due to aging infrastructure in many city water supplies, the possibility of water contamination is severely increased. Ultraviolet water purification can give you peace of mind in removing 99.9% of possible water contaminants, namely microorganisms that are chlorine resistant. These microorganisms in water that chlorine cannot remove are responsible for thousands of water contamination illnesses in the United States each and every year.

The Advantages of a UV Water Purification and Disinfection System


These UV systems destroy 99.9% of microorganisms

Environmentally Friendly

UV has no disinfection byproducts like chlorine does


24/7 Round the clock purification

Quick Process

No holding tank needed. Water bypasses through the system and is available immediately

Chemical Free

No harmful chemicals

FDA Approved

The FDA has currently only approved 4 methods of water disinfection / purification and UV is among those

Taste & Odor

While chlorine changes the taste and smell of water, UV does not.

UV Purification Systems installed by Aspen Water Solution’s Professionally Trained Team

Combine a water purification system alongside a water softener to remove microorganisms and other contaminates like heavy metals, salts, chlorine and other things such as petroleum or pharmaceuticals.
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