ATTENTION: E-Coli Found In PA & NY Water Supply

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Ecoli found in ground water supply sample, jeapordizing the health of many New Jersey homes and businesses. As a result, a boil alert has been issued and in effect immediately for 3 Bergen County towns. Ridgewood, Wyckoff and all of Glenwood, N.J. This applies to you! You may have family or friends that are effected, so please spread the message that Aspen Water Solutions is here to help!

Officials say it is not safe to use the water without boiling it first, but you need water to do most anything in the home if you stop and think about it. So what can you do?

Be sure to boil the water for atleast 1 minute before considering it safe to brush your teeth, make coffee, or cook. Get rid of any existing ice cubes or teas you made this week, because chances are it was with contaminated water. Don’t use your dishwasher if it is not above 160 degrees, and please don’t think this is a time to soak in the tub. Be cautious of sending your children to school without a bottle of safe water, and if you are just as creeped out by this as we are, give us a call for a FREE water test to determine just how safe your access is during this time.

In addition to the water fiasco over the boil alert, we want you to be aware of the harmful effects of bottled water, and it’s risks to our health and the environment. Most bottled water companies use tap water, and those that don’t contain a multitude of toxins. The plastics used to make these bottles are also full of contaminates that seep into the water through it’s storage in these plastic coffins.
So if you don’t feel comfortable boiling, and don’t want to further endanger yourself through bottled water, what’s the solution? Aspen Water Solutions!

We beg the question of how this happened to begin with, and can we really trust that it will all be removed? All we know to tell you is to take a proactive approach. Rather than wait for the city or someone else to find the solution, DIY and call on the professional team at Aspen Water Solutions. We carry top of the line products, and have affordable options to work within any budget.

  • Water Softeners
  • Drinking Water Systems
  • Stainless Water Tanks
  • Water Filters
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Ultra Violet Water Purification

We are saddened that clean drinking water is quickly becoming a luxury, and doing everything we can to combat the stigma that “I can’t afford it” We want clean drinking water for all, and hope that you will find relief and peace of mind through the use of our innovative technology and in home water purification systems. We offer FREE water testing to anyone interested, and committed to offering you the best solutions on the market.

This one of many water crisis in the New Jersey area, but it can be the last if you are better prepared next time. Aspen Water Solutions can get clean drinking water back into your home, but you have to call us!

(201) 301-6222

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