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Hard water can cause a number of problems for households, including:

  • Clogging pipes and drains
  • Increasing energy use
  • Shortening the life of appliances
  • Making your water taste “chalky” or “metallic”
  • Drying out and damaging your skin and hair.

At Aspen Water Solutions, we can help you eliminate hard water problems with our whole-home water treatment systems and water softening and conditioning products. Schedule a free water quality analysis and find out what's in your water today!

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We’ll test your water quality, analyze it for hard water and other contaminants, and provide you a personalized recommendation based on the results.
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Get Results in under 10 min. Based on your water tests and usage, our reps. will recommend you water treatment solution.
Softening your water has many benefits. The most immediate benefit is that you’ll see is an improvement in the taste of your water and less drying out of your skin and hair, which can be damaged by hard water. Softer water will also mean less limescale buildup in your sinks and drains, no spotting of dishes or glassware, cleaner pipes and less energy use for your water-based appliances. Your appliances will also last longer too!

Water softening or water conditioners remove deposits of calcium and magnesium, which make the water “hard.” Some top-of-the-line systems may remove hard metals, algae, fungi, and other some other contaminants.

Water softening systems are generally installed where your water line comes into your home so that it softens water throughout the house. The reason why that’s the case is that hard water will generally affect every point at which you personally use water (kitchen, bathrooms), as well as all your appliances that have water lines attached to them, such as dishwashers, clothes washers, and refrigerators.

Hard water is generally measured in grains per gallon (GPG) of calcium carbonate on the following scale:

  • 0-3 GPG = Soft
  • 3-7 GPG= Moderately hard
  • 7-11 GPG= Hard
  • 11-15 GPG= Very hard
  • Above 15 GPG = Extremely hard

Counties in New Jersey will vary wildly. But North Jersey tends to have the hardest water, ranging anywhere from 7 to 15, depending on the county.

Water Treatment Products & Solutions by Aspen Water Solutions

Aspen Water offers a range of products and solutions for every kind of water need.
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Whole-Home Water Treatment

We have a number of different whole-home water treatment solutions that can help your whole family enjoy better tasting water, eliminate hard water problems and remove harmful contaminants.
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Water Softeners and Treatment Systems

Our whole-home water softeners/conditioners will help you enjoy softer skin, cleaner dishes, and less cleanup with water that’s gentle on you and your home.
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PFOA/PFOS - Cyst & Lead Removal

Our ONE: PIONEER whole-home system will remove 4,700+ molecules that contaminate the water in NJ, including lead and the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS.
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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Elevate the water you drink at the point of use, through a reverse osmosis water system that will remove harmful contaminants such as lead, PFAS, bacteria, and other water contaminants.
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Verified Testimonials

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The owner Steve is great and very involved in the process and making sure that my wife and I were satisfied with our order. We reached out to him through a recommendation of someone on Facebook and he came out to our house the next day and tested our water. We purchased a water filtration system and it was set up very quickly.

The only minor criticism I would have was that at the time of the install, we weren't given any instructions on how often the filters needed to be changed or how to change them. However, because Steve is very involved he did reach out to check on our satisfaction with the filtration system.

testimonial profile photo d
Daniel B.
Verified Google Business Review

I am writing this letter to express how much I LOVE our new water softener and RO system. There have been numerous benefits since we had the system installed. When you came to test our water back in December, the results showed that our water was very hard and filled with chlorine and other contaminants. Even though we had water pitcher filters, the water still did not taste right at all. Also my hair was always so dry and my skin the same. My husband stated that his eyes would burn during his shower. This was due to the high contents of chlorine, etc.

The water filtration system was installed on Dec 7th. Your company installed a whole house water softener located in my utility room, and a RO system for drinking water located underneath my kitchen sink. Since the first day of install, I have gradually seen many benefits, I have truly noticed all of the full benefits 5 weeks after the install, probably due to our low water usage.

These benefits (for both my husband and I) include:

  • No more mineral deposits on my dishes, or in the bathrooms
  • Cleaner and healthier drinking water
  • My hair is so much more silkier and it doesn't fall out as much.
  • My scalp is not as dry as it used to be
  • The skin on our bodies and faces are much softer, so I use less lotion
  • The water no longer has chlorine in it, which used to burn my skin!!
  • The hot water heater tank has been fully cleaned out of build up due to the soft water. We could actually hear the build up being broken up and flushed out. This took 5 weeks.
  • We use far less cleaning products and far less products for my shower
  • The shower and bathrooms are much cleaner since there isn't much build up. The soft water actually broke up some of the previous build up that was already there.
  • My skin on my face has NOT broken out with acne since the system was installed. My skin is not getting clogged as much as it used to and it's a lot softer. I don't use as many products as I used to.
  • The alkaline water that we drink gives us so much energy in the mornings. Our health has also improved.
  • Our clothes come out of the washing machine much cleaner and the colors are actually brighter. I have to use way less detergent.

This is just a few of the many benefits. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this system. We LOVE IT!! I am SOOOOO happy with it!!

I am recommending your system to all of my friends and family for sure!

Thank you again.

Sejal and Pratesh
Teaneck, NJ

We have had the water filtration system in our house for only a few weeks and it has been lifechanging! Joe from Brita Pro tested the water in or new condo and educated us on the importance of pure, clean, alkaline water and its benefits. We are currently expecting our first child any day now and we only wanted the best for our expanding family!

Our water is no longer considered hard or contains high amounts of damaging chemicals and minerals. Our skin and hair are noticeably softer and stronger! My husband had many skin ailments that have literally disappeared since installation! This was the major selling point and it truly is 100% correct! Joe promised that we would utilize less cleaning products such as laundry detergent and hand soap with the same effectiveness and yet again 100% satisfied! In fact, our clothes are cleaner! We will save an abundance of money!

We could not believe the impact that this system would have on our lives! We did not appreciate all the effects water possess on our quality of life until experiencing it for ourselves. Everything that we were promised came true! We stand by these products and highly recommend them! Please consult with Joe today!


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Gary and Brittany
Wayne, NJ

We were already determined to have a water softener installed but would like to know more details about our hard water issues and the options we have available in the market. I have had three companies come in and perform a water test and present me their products. Among the three, two were very thorough in explaining the results of the water test and one of them was Steve Zuckerman, the owner and president of Aspen Water Solutions.

He personally came and performed the water test free of charge. He patiently answered all my questions regarding the quality of our water and the different options we have in addressing our hard water issues which was causing irritation to my children's skin and damaging my bathroom fixtures, dishwasher and washer. He provided enough reading materials as well as explained the different products that they carry in terms of water softeners and filtration system.

We chose Steve (Aspen) because he never rushed in performing the test and in explaining and answering questions and concerns that we have with these types of systems. Plus they carry a very reputable brand - Brita Pro, which they installed last July and we are very satisfied with.

Another reason why we chose Steve was because when I asked about maintenance, he was the only one who did not even try to sell me a monthly maintenance plan but encouraged me to never hesitate to call him if I have any questions or issues with the product.

We also purchased a reversed osmosis system from him and again, he did not pushed us in getting a maintenance plan for it. He even told us that the replacement of the filter in the RO is something that we can do ourselves rather than him or someone coming in to replace and charge us $90 for labor.

Recently, I thought we had an issue with the water level in the brine tank so I called Steve and also Brita Pro company. Both quickly responded on the same day and were very patient in explaining everything to me.

I highly recommend Steve and Aspen Water Solutions as well as the Brita Pro water softener and filtration system!

orange circle user person testimonial profile photo aspen water solutions water softener and filter installation service
Suzette Monteleyola
Verified Google Business Review

I have extreme amounts of iron in my private well water, as well as a strong sulfur smell and brown tint to the water. If you have water issues like this, I strongly recommend getting several quotes before choosing one, as I got many different recommendations and a wide range of quotes. One salesman even wanted $6000 for his!

Steve was not the cheapest, but the price was reasonable and addressed all my water issues using one product. I spoke with 5 A-rated companies before choosing Aspen. The dealer, Steve, was very knowledgeable about his softener/filtration system and demonstrated how it would purify my water using a small replica of the one he would install.

When I asked for more written information about the manufacturer and asked more questions by phone and email, he was very responsive. The manufacturer, ATS, is family owned and has been in business for almost 50 years. The installer was experienced and thorough. He set up the system so that it would backwash outside into the ground and not into my new peat septic, which cannot handle salt, as I requested.

The water is now clear and clean and my dishes and white clothes, nails and hair are no longer literally turning brown. Steve will be back in a month to retest the water as part of his service, which I think shows that he wants to make sure the water is a pure as possible and that he backs what he sells.

aspen water solutions home advisor screened and approved badge
Laura D. in Bloomingdale, NJ, Install or Replace a Water Treatment & Purification System
Verified Review

The product itself is good and worth it. I have it for just over a week and can see the difference in my water. I just didn’t like that they weren’t as transparent upfront regarding the water test and the whole presentation at the house. I wanted a system like this. There was no reason to have to prove my water quality in order for me to purchase it.

The installer was amazing and he took time to educate me on the system and make sure it was placed where I wanted. I think they will get more business if they stop the “sales” routine they do and become transparent about the quality of their product and service.

testimonial profile photo j
Jennifer K.
Verified Google Business Review

Aspen installed a neutralizer and water softener in my home. The job went smoothly and swiftly. Steve promised I would have water that was as good as bottled water. He was correct! Not being familiar with the new water systems put in place, I had some concerns. Steve came back to my house and showed me what they did and why, and explained the process of the filtration of the water. After Steve’s visit, I felt more comfortable with the water systems. I recommend Aspen for your water needs.

testimonial profile photo
Veronica S.
Verified Google Business Review

After searching for a water softening system for over a month, Steve Zuckerman returned one of the many inquiry calls I'd been leaving with several water companies. With that one phone call an appointment was set, a water test was done the following day, and the system was up and running the day after that.

The service was quick and professional. I even called them following week because I unplugged my system and they were there immediately to service the machine. I’m a new customer but so far extremely satisfied thanks Steve.

testimonial profile image
Wendy J.
Verified Google Business Review

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